Tajik Numbers

Welcome to the sixth Tajik lesson about numbers. This time we will learn about cardinal and ordinal numbers, followed by grammar rules, then animal names, finally a conversation in Tajik to help you practice your daily phrases. Click on the sound icon to hear the words.

oneяк[jak] firstякум[jakum]
twoду[du] secondдуюм[dujum]
threeсе[voś] thirdсеюм[siejum]
fourчор[čor] fourthчорум, чаҳорум[čorum, čaҳorum]
fiveпанҷ[panҷ] fifthпанҷум[panҷum]
sixшаш[šaš] sixthшашум [šašum]
sevenҳафт[ҳaft] seventhҳафтум[ҳaftum]
eightҳашт[ҳašt] eighthҳаштум[ҳaštum]
nineнўҳ[nŭҳ] ninthнӯҳум[nūҳum]
tenдаҳ[daҳ] tenthдаҳум[daҳum]
elevenёздаҳ[jezdaҳ] eleventhёздаҳум[jezdaҳum]
twelveдувоздаҳ[duvozdaҳ] twelfthдувоздаҳум[duvozdaҳum]
thirteenсездаҳ[siezdaҳ] thirteenthсездаҳум[siezdaҳum]
fourteenчордаҳ[čordaҳ] onceяк дафа[jak Datan]
fifteenпонздаҳ[ponzdaҳ] twiceду дафа[du Datan]
sixteenшонздаҳ[šonzdaҳ] MondayДушанбе[Dušanbie]
seventeenҳабдаҳ[ҳabdaҳ] TuesdayСешанбе[Siešanbie]
eighteenҳаждаҳ[ҳaždaҳ] WednesdayЧоршанбе[Čoršanbie]
nineteenнуздаҳ[nuzdaҳ] ThursdayПанҷшанбе[Panҷšanbie]
twentyбист[bist] FridayҶумъа[Ҷumʺa]
seventy oneҳафтоду як[ҳaftodu jak] SaturdayШанбе[Šanbie]
one hundredсад[sad] SundayЯкшанбе[Jakšanbie]

Numbers Grammar Rules

Tajik cardinal numbers refer to the counting numbers, because they show quantity. For example: I speak two languages. Ordinal numbers on the other hand tell the order of things and their rank: my first language is Tajik. The examples below use numbers in different ways and places to demonstrate how they behave in a sentence.

Grammar + RulesTajik + Pronunciation
I have three dogs
[number + noun]
Ман се саг дорам
[Man sioje sah doram]
my daughter has two cats
[number + noun]
духтари ман ду гурба дорад
[duchtari man du hurba Dorada]
she speaks seven languages
[verb + number]
Ӯ ҳафт забон медонад
[Ū ҳaft zabon miedonad]
my brother has one son
[number + singular noun]
Бародари ман як писар дорад
[Barodari man jak pisar Dorada]
this is my second lesson
[ordinal number + noun]
Ин дарси дуюми ман аст
[Jan Darsi dujumi man astra]
did you read the third book?
[ordinal number + noun]
Шумо китоби сеюмро хондед?
[Šumo kitobi siejumro chondied?]

We're not done yet! The following is a list of animals.

гов [hov]
буз [buz]
хар [Char]
асп [ASD]
саг [sah]
гурба [hurba]
муш [muš]
парранда [parranda]

Conversation in Tajik

Now we finally reach the last part, the practice of the daily conversations. These phrases are used to get to know new people, and break the ice.

Where are you from?Шумо аз кучо ҳастед?[Šumo az kučo ҳastied?]
I'm from the U.SМан аз И.М.А.[Man az I.M.A.]
I'm AmericanМан амрикоҳӣ мебошам[Man amrikoҳī miebošam]
Where do you live?Шумо дар куҷо зиндагонӣ мекунед?[Šumo dar kuҷo zindahonī miekunied?]
I live in the U.SМан дар И.М.А. Зиндагони мекунам[Man dar I.M.A. Zindahoni miekunam]
What do you do for a living?Шумо чӣ кор мекунед?[Šumo čī kor miekunied?]
I'm a studentМан донишҷӯ мебошам[Man donišҷū miebošam]

Did you enjoy this lesson about numbers in Tajik? I hope so, if you have any problem with this lesson contact me with questions you have here. You can now check the next lesson below.

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