Kurdish Phrases

Welcome to our seventh lesson about popular Kurdish phrases. This page will include greetings, questions, emergency and survival expressions, asking for direction, language practice, introducing yourself, holiday wishes, and finally some travel phrases.

Holiday Wishes
Happy birthday
جەژنی لە دایک بوونت پیرۆز بێت
[jazhny le daik bunt piroz bet] Audio
Happy new year
ساڵی نوێت پیرۆز بێت
[saly nwet piroz bet] Audio
Merry Christmas
جەژنی کریسمیست بە خۆشی بێت
[jachny krismit be khoshy bet] Audio
Good luck
بەختەوەر بیت
[bekhtewer beet] Audio
[peeroza] Audio

Travel Phrases
I have a reservation (hotel)
من قۆرخ کردنم هەیە
[mn qorkh krdnm heye] Audio
Do you have rooms available?
ئایا ژووری بەتاڵت هەیە؟
[aya zhwry betalt heye?] Audio
I would like a non-smoking room
حەزم لە ژوورێکی جگەرە نەکێشە
[hezm le zhwreky jgere nekeshe] Audio
What is the charge per night?
شەوی بە چەندە؟
[shawy be chende?] Audio
Is this seat taken?
ئایا ئەم کورسییە گیراوە؟
[aya am kwrsye geerawe?] Audio
I'm vegetarian
من گۆشت ناخۆم
[mn gosht nakhom] Audio
بەردەستی چێشتخانە
[berdesty cheshtkhane] Audio
How much is this?
ئەمە بە چەندە؟
[ame be chende?] Audio
This is very expensive
ئەمە زۆر گرانە
[ame zor grane] Audio

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about the phrases in Kurdish. If you have any question about this lesson please contact me here. The next lesson is below.

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