Belarusian Verbs

Welcome to the 10th lesson about verbs in Belarusian. We will first learn about the present tense, followed by the past tense, and future tense. We will also analyze some grammar rules, and finally practice how to ask for direction in Belarusian.

Verbs are used to express an action (I swim) or a state of being (I am). The present tense in Belarusian conveys a situation or event in the present time. Here are some examples:

Present Tense
I speak English
я размаўляю
[ya razmawlyayo] Audio
you speak French
вы(ты) размаўляеце (размаўляеш) па-французску
[vi(ti) razmawlyayetzye (razmawlyayesh) pa-frantzoozskoo] Audio
he speaks German
ён гаворыць па-нямецку
[yon guavoritzʲ pa-nyamyetzkoo] Audio
she speaks Italian
яна размаўляе па-італьянску
[yana razmawlyaye pa-іtalʲyanskoo] Audio
we speak Arabic
мы гаворым па-арабску
[mi guavorim pa-arabskoo] Audio
they speak Chinese
яны гавораць па-кітайску
[yani guavoratzʲ pa-kіtayskoo] Audio

The past tense in Belarusian conveys a situation or event in the past time. Here are some examples:

Past Tense
I visited France
я наведаў францыю
[ya navyedaw frantziyo] Audio
you visited Italy
вы наведалі (ты наведаў) італію
[vi navyedalі (ti navyedaw) іtalіyo] Audio
he visited Morocco
ён наведаў марока
[yon navyedaw maroka] Audio
she visited China
яна наведала кітай
[yana navyedala kіtay] Audio
we visited Mexico
мы наведалі мексіку
[mi navyedalі myeksіkoo] Audio
they visited Kenya
яны наведалі кенію
[yani navyedalі kyenіyo] Audio

The future tense in Belarusian conveys a situation or event which is anticipated to happen in the future. Here are some examples:

Future Tense
I will drink milk
я буду піць малако
[ya boodoo pіtzʲ malako] Audio
you will drink coffee
вы будзеце (ты будзеш) піць каву
[vi boodzyetzye (ti boodzyesh) pіtzʲ kavoo] Audio
he will drink tea
ён будзе піць гарбату/чай
[yon boodzye pіtzʲ guarbatoo/chay] Audio
she will drink water
яна будзе піць ваду
[yana boodzye pіtzʲ vadoo] Audio
we will drink apple juice
мы будзем піць яблычны сок
[mi boodzyem pіtzʲ yablichni sok] Audio
they will drink tea
яны будуць піць гарбату/чай
[yani boodootzʲ pіtzʲ guarbatoo/chay] Audio

Now let's take a break and refresh our vocabulary by learning the body parts.

ear Audio
вуха [vookha]
eye Audio
вока [voka]
mouth Audio
рот/вусны [rot/voosni]
nose Audio
нос [nos]
hair Audio
волас/валасы [volas/valasi]
face Audio
твар [tvar]
head Audio
галава [gualava]
heart Audio
сэрца [sertza]
hand Audio
рука [rooka]
fingers Audio
пальцы [palʲtzi]
leg Audio
нага [nagua]
feet Audio
ступні; ногі [stoopnі; noguі]

Travel Phrases in Belarusian

Imagine yourself in some Belarusian speaking country. The following travel phrases are highly important and can help you avoid misunderstanding. Try to memorize them and practice!

Can you help me?
ці вы можаце мне дапамагчы?
[tzі vi moʐatzye mnye dapamaguchi?] Audio
Can I help you?
ці магу я вам дапамагчы?
[tzі maguoo ya vam dapamaguchi?] Audio
Where is the airport?
дзе знаходзіцца аэрапорт/лётнішча?
[dzye znakhodzіtztza aeraport/lyotnіshcha?] Audio
Go straight
едзьце проста
[yedzʲtzye prosta] Audio
[tadi] Audio
Turn left
павярніце налева
[pavyarnіtzye nalyeva] Audio
Turn right
павярніце направа
[pavyarnіtzye naprava] Audio

I hope this lesson about the verbs in Belarusian was not hard for you. If you have any question about this lesson please contact me here. Now it's time to check the next lesson below.

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