Egyptian Verbs

Welcome to the 10th lesson about verbs in Egyptian. We will first learn about the present tense, followed by the past tense, and future tense. We will also analyze some grammar rules, and finally practice how to ask for direction in Egyptian.

Verbs are used to express an action (I swim) or a state of being (I am). The present tense in Egyptian conveys a situation or event in the present time. Here are some examples:

Present Tense
I speak English
أنا بَتكَلِّم إنجليزي
[ana batkalem egelizi] Audio
you speak French
إنت بِتِتكَلِّم فَرَنساوي
[enta betetkalem faransawi] Audio
he speaks German
هُوَّا بِيتكَلِّم ألماني
[huwa beyetkalem almani] Audio
she speaks Italian
هِيَّا بِتِتكَلِّم إيطالي
[hiya betetkalem itali] Audio
we speak Arabic
إحنا بنِتكَلِّم عربي
[ehna benetkalem 'arabi] Audio
they speak Chinese
هُمِّا بِيتكَلِّموا صِيني
[huma beyetkalemo seeni] Audio

The past tense in Egyptian conveys a situation or event in the past time. Here are some examples:

Past Tense
I visited France
أنا زُرت فَرَنسا
[ana zurt faransa] Audio
you visited Italy
إنتَ زُرت إيطاليا
[enta zurt italia] Audio
he visited Morocco
هُوَّا زار المغرِب
[huwa zar elmaghrib] Audio
she visited China
هِيَّا زارت الصين
[hiya zaret esseen] Audio
we visited Mexico
إحنا زورنا المَكسيك
[ehna zurna elmexik] Audio
they visited Kenya
هُمَّا زاروا كينيا
[huma zaru kenya] Audio

The future tense in Egyptian conveys a situation or event which is anticipated to happen in the future. Here are some examples:

Future Tense
I will drink milk
أنا حاشرَب لَبَن
[ana hashrab laban] Audio
you will drink coffee
إنت حتِشْرَب قَهْوَة
[enta hateshrab ahwa] Audio
he will drink tea
هَوَّا حيشرَب شاي
[huwa hayeshrab shay] Audio
she will drink water
هِيَّا حتِشرَب مَيَّة
[heya hateshrab mayya] Audio
we will drink apple juice
إحنا حنِشرَب عَصير تُفاح
[ehna haneshra 'aseer tefah] Audio
they will drink tea
هُمَّا حيشرَبوا شاي
[huma hayeshrabu shay] Audio

Now let's take a break and refresh our vocabulary by learning the body parts.

ear Audio
ودن [wedn]
eye Audio
عين [een]
mouth Audio
بُق [bu']
nose Audio
مناخِير [manakheer]
hair Audio
شـَعْر [sha'r]
face Audio
وِش [wesh]
head Audio
راس [saar]
heart Audio
قلْب [alb]
hand Audio
إيد [eed]
fingers Audio
صوابع [sawabe']
leg Audio
رِجل [regl]
feet Audio
قَدَم [adam]

Travel Phrases in Egyptian

Imagine yourself in some Egyptian speaking country. The following travel phrases are highly important and can help you avoid misunderstanding. Try to memorize them and practice!

Can you help me?
تِقدَر تِساعِدني؟
[te'dar tesa'edni] Audio
Can I help you?
أقدَر أساعدَك؟
[a'dar asa'dak?] Audio
Where is the airport?
فين المَطار؟
[feen el matar?] Audio
Go straight
إمشي دوغري
[emshi dughri] Audio
[ba'deen] Audio
Turn left
لِف شِمال
[lef shemal] Audio
Turn right
لِف يمين
[lef yemeen] Audio

I hope this lesson about the verbs in Egyptian was not hard for you. If you have any question about this lesson please contact me here. Now it's time to check the next lesson below.

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