Uyghur Phrases

Welcome to our seventh lesson about popular Uyghur phrases. This page will include greetings, questions, emergency and survival expressions, asking for direction, language practice, introducing yourself, holiday wishes, and finally some travel phrases.

Holiday WishesUyghurPronunciation
Happy birthdayتۇغۇلغانكۈنىڭىز قۇتلۇق بولسۇن[tughulghanküningiz qutluq bolsun]
Happy new yearيېڭى يىل مۇبارەك[yëngi yil mubarek]
Merry Christmasمېلاد بايرىمى قۇتلۇق بولسۇن[mëlad bayrimi qutluq bolsun]
Good luckئامەت[amet]
Congratulationsقۇتلۇق بولسۇن[qutluq bolsun]

Travel PhrasesUyghurPronunciation
I have a reservation (hotel)[]
Do you have rooms available?سىلەردە بوش ئۆي بارمۇ؟[silerde bosh öy barmu?]
I would like a non-smoking roomمەن ئىس-تۈتەكسىز ئۆي خالايمەن[men is-tüteksiz öy xalaymen]
What is the charge per night?كېچىكى نەچچە پۇل؟[këchiki nechche pul?]
Is this seat taken?بۇ ئورۇن زاكاز قىلىنغانمۇ؟[bu orun zakazqilinghanmu?]
I'm vegetarianمەن گۆش يېمەيدىغانلاردىن[men gösh yëmeydighanlardin]
How much is this?بۇ قانچە پۇل؟[bu qanche pul?]
This is very expensiveبۇ ئىنتايىن قىممەت[bu intayin qimmet]

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about the phrases in Uyghur. If you have any question about this lesson please contact me here. The next lesson is below.

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