French Numbers

Welcome to the sixth French lesson about numbers. This time we will learn about cardinal and ordinal numbers, followed by grammar rules, then animal names, finally a conversation in French to help you practice your daily phrases.

oneun Audiofirstpremier Audio
twodeux Audioseconddeuxième Audio
threetrois Audiothirdtroisième Audio
fourquatre Audiofourthquatrième Audio
fivecinq Audiofifthcinquième Audio
sixsix Audiosixthsixième Audio
sevensept Audioseventhseptième Audio
eighthuit Audioeighthhuitième Audio
nineneuf Audioninthneuvième Audio
tendix Audiotenthdixième Audio
elevenonze Audioeleventhonzième Audio
twelvedouze Audiotwelfthdouzième Audio
thirteentreize Audiothirteenthtreizième Audio
fourteenquatorze Audioonceune fois Audio
fifteenquinze Audiotwicedeux fois Audio
sixteenseize AudioMondaylundi Audio
seventeendix-sept AudioTuesdaymardi Audio
eighteendix-huit AudioWednesdaymercredi Audio
nineteendix-neuf AudioThursdayjeudi Audio
twentyvingt AudioFridayvendredi Audio
seventy onesoixante et onze AudioSaturdaysamedi Audio
one hundredcent AudioSundaydimanche Audio

Numbers Grammar Rules

French cardinal numbers refer to the counting numbers, because they show quantity. For example: I speak two languages. Ordinal numbers on the other hand tell the order of things and their rank: my first language is French. The examples below use numbers in different ways and places to demonstrate how they behave in a sentence.

Grammar + RulesFrench
I have three dogs
[number + noun]
j'ai trois chiens Audio
my daughter has two cats
[number + noun]
ma fille a deux chats Audio
she speaks seven languages
[verb + number]
elle parle sept langues Audio
my brother has one son
[number + singular noun]
mon frère a un fils Audio
this is my second lesson
[ordinal number + noun]
ceci est ma deuxième leçon Audio
did you read the third book?
[ordinal number + noun]
avez-vous lu le troisième livre ? Audio

We're not done yet! The following is a list of animals.

cow Audio
goat Audio
donkey Audio
horse Audio
dog Audio
cat Audio
mouse Audio
bird Audio

Conversation in French

Now we finally reach the last part, the practice of the daily conversations. These phrases are used to get to know new people, and break the ice.

Where are you from?d'où venez-vous ? Audio
I'm from the U.Sje viens des états-unis Audio
I'm Americanje suis américain Audio
Where do you live?où habitez-vous ? Audio
I live in the U.Sje vis aux états-unis Audio
What do you do for a living?que faites-vous dans la vie ? Audio
I'm a studentje suis étudiant Audio

Did you enjoy this lesson about numbers in French? I hope so, if you have any problem with this lesson contact me with questions you have here. You can now check the next lesson below.

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