Burmese Adjectives

Welcome to the second Burmese lesson about adjectives. This time we will first learn about colors, followed by grammar rules, then weather expressions, finally a conversation in Burmese to help you practice your daily phrases.

black Audio
a net yaung
grey Audio
mee khoh yaung
white Audio
a phyu yaung
blue Audio
a pyar yaung
green Audio
a sane yaung
yellow Audio
a ywah yaung
red Audio
a ni yaung
brown Audio
a nyo yaung

Adjectives Grammar Rules

In general adjectives are words which describe or modify another person or object in a given sentence. For example: a beautiful flower the adjective is [beautiful] because it describes the noun [flower]. The following examples use adjectives in different ways and places to demonstrate how they behave in a sentence.

Grammar Rules
my house is white
[noun + adjective]
kyun note ei ain hma a phyu yaung phyit thie Audio
your country is big
[noun + adjective]
thin ei tine pyi ka kyiee thie Audio
new books are expensive
[plural + adjective]
sar oat a thit myar ka zay kyiee thie Audio
we are happy here
[pronoun + verb + adjective]
d hmar kyun note toh pyaw ba thie Audio
she has three small dogs
[adjective + plural]
thu ma hmar khwe thay thay lay thone kaung shi thie Audio
this language is very easy
[adverb + adjective]
d bar that zagar ka a yan lwe ba thie Audio
I have a small green house
[adjective + adjective]
kyun note hmar a sein yaung ain lay talone shi ba thie Audio

We're not done yet! The following is a list of more adjectives for you, often used when referring to weather conditions. I think it would be wise to memorize them.

cold Audio
aye thaw
hot Audio
pu thaw
cloudy Audio
tein htu thaw
rainy Audio
moe the thaw
snowy Audio
hnin htu thaw
sunny Audio
nay that thaw
windy Audio
lay tait thaw
warm Audio
nwe thaw

Conversation in Burmese

Now we finally reach the most exciting part, the practice of the daily expressions used in almost every conversation. I recommend memorizing these phrases, because you will need them for sure.

hai Audio
how are you?
thin ne kaung ba tha lar Audio
I'm good, thank you
kyun note ne kaung ba de kyezu be Audio
and you?
thin yaw ne kaung ba tha lar Audio
what is your name?
thint nan me be lo khaw tha le Audio
my name is Maya
kyun ma nan mei hmar maya phyt ba thie Audio
nice to meet you
thin nai twai ya da wan thar ba de Audio

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about adjectives in Burmese. If you have any question about this lesson please contact me here. The next lesson is below.

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